Does My House Insurance Cover Me If Someone Has Been Injured In My Home?

Does My House Insurance Cover Me If Someone Has Been Injured In My Home?


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Quite often basic house insurance policy’s have a lot of extra cover that people don’t know about examples of these include:

  • Jury benefit, some policy’s have a daily benefit that can be paid to you or your spouse/partner to sit on a jury
  • Domestic employees or visitors belonging
  • Frozen food, if the electricity is cut off or your freezer breaks down you can recover the cost of the frozen food loss in your deep freezer

A very important part of basic household insurance policy is that of public and personal liability. Most policies will cover domestic employees and visitors entering into the property. For example, children’s birthday parties are usually covered, i.e. if a child becomes injured whilst attending a birthday party in your home the insurance company will provide cover for that personal injury claim

If you have temporary or occasional employees for example somebody carrying out repairs or decorations, a cleaner or childminder and they become injured in your home then your household insurance policy will provide cover

Interestingly some policy’s will also cover members of the household if they injury a person outside of the house for example if you accidently trip someone on the footpath or if you struck a passer-by with your umbrella and caused an injury to that person then your insurance policy may provide cover for any claim made against you.

Therefore, when it is time for renewal of your household insurance policy you should read the benefits that are included very carefully make your decision whether additional benefits may be of some assistance to you.

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