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A Will is a very important document, it is a legal document that allows you to set out your wishes in relation to certain matters after your death.

Wills do not only apply to people who have significant assets and wealth, they are equally important to all people who have responsibilities as well as assets. Parents of young children should be mindful of leaving a Will appointing a Guardian and Trustee in the event that both parents should pass away.

At McElhinney & Associates we encourage our clients to review their Wills on a regular basis, and should their life circumstances change, to make a new Will in accordance with their current circumstances.

We are often asked “Why make a Will?”

  • A Will allows you to specifically direct how your Estate is to be divided after your day.
  • It allows you to make provision for any special needs of family members
  • A Will allows you to choose who will handle your affairs after your death by appointing an Executor/Executrix
  • The absence of a Will means you lose control over how your assets are distributed, this is determined by the Succession Act 1965. Similarly the law governs who will handle your affairs

There is a particular skill involved in drafting Wills. If certain statutory formalities are not complied with then there is a risk that the Will may be deemed invalid, and the testator’s wishes as expressed on paper will not be complied with. Therefore it is of upmost importance you choose an experienced Solicitor to draft your Last Will and Testament.

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